Weizen Dunkel

Plato 12,0°

IBU 16


5.2% 0,5 L

Plato 12,0°

IBU 16

Aroma of roasted wheat with caramel and citrus. Caramel is also in the flavor together with nuts and banana hints.


Matching food:

  • Chicken, duckChicken, duck
  • StewStew
  • BurgerBurger
  • Smoked productsSmoked products
  • Semi-hard cheeseSemi-hard cheese

Suitable glasses:

  • [:pl]Pilzner Flute[:en]PilsnerPilsner
  • [:pl]Weizen[:en]WeizenWeizen



Residents of Regensburg are drinking Spital beer for more than 750 years. Although there are more breweries in and around the city, only Spitalbraurei has the history that reaches the Middle Ages.

Regensburg Spitalbraurei brewery was established in 1226 together with Spitalstiftung – the hospital. And this is the oldest brewery in the world that belongs to the hospital! Residents of the city could try the beer from this brewery only a few years after it was established. Some of them gave barley and hops in order to be a part of the production process and have a chance to taste it.

In the end of XVI century beer has become favorite drink of Bavaria. By that time wine was drink No 1 and so far it is not quite clear why this change occurred. However, it was a gradual process due to the changing drinking habits. Spitalbraurei thrived in XVIII and XIX centuries when it became a very popular place for meetings – here you could meet residents of the city and the envoys as well.