London Porter

Plato 14,9°

IBU 35

United Kingdom

6.5% 0,33 L

Plato 14,9°

IBU 35

Aroma of coffee, chocolate and fruit tones. Gently bitter taste with repeating coffee and chocolate notes.


Matching food:

  • BeefBeef
  • ChickenChicken
  • Spicy dishesSpicy dishes
  • SeafoodSeafood
  • Smoked productsSmoked products
  • Matured, semi-hard cheesesMatured, semi-hard cheeses

Suitable glasses:

  • [:pl]English Pint[:en]English pintEnglish pint



Since its establishment in 2000, the brewery “Meantime” proved to be an authentic beer producer by restoring several unique brewing styles. Brewery founder and the best of 2008 British brewer Alastair Hook described his work: “Beer production is unpredictable art, so we give as much time as it is necessary for the beer to be the best. We noticed that to brew a high-quality beer takes about 6 weeks, but if we see that more time is needed – we never hurry, because brewing is an art, not a science. While planning our brewery, we wanted not only to produce beer but also give knowledge about it. So now everyone interested in beer heritage and its production can feel free to visit us.”