39 Bloedbroeder

Plato 21°

IBU 80

The Netherlands

9.1% 0,33 L

Plato 21°

IBU 80

Roasted coffee, chocolate aroma. Malty, roasted taste with hints of chocolate, coffee, dark bread and a generous coffee bitterness in the finish.


Matching food:

  • SeafoodSeafood
  • DessertsDesserts
  • Hard, semi-hard cheeseHard, semi-hard cheese

Suitable glasses:

  • [:pl]Snifter[:en]SnifterSnifter
  • [:pl]Tulip[:en]TulipTulip



Yes, the words Kompaan and Company have the same root somewhere in lingual history. The word is a reflection of what they are: buddies, and they have been for 18 years now. The friends are Jeroen and Jasper, the owners of Kompaan with Frans as their honorable Kompaan. Their educational/dayjob background is some ways removed from beer, with backgrounds in physical science, engineering and business.

At the moment they are already making beer in Moerwijk, a part of The Hague. They will move to the Saturnusstraat where they will have a 20.000 liter capacity and a place where they can produce as best as they can. This is a longterm plan and they will remain brewing at friendly brewers in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Not having their own brewery yet doesn’t mean they haven’t been a presence in their city yet. In 2013 they hosted two of their own festivals: a beach festival in July and in October a festival in the old factory they will move into where sailing equipment for ships was manufactures.