We are beer enthusiasts who wish that more and more people in Poland could understand that there is more than just a bright or dark beer and that beer world is not just those few lagers or ales in the ordinary shop shelves. We want to introduce You to the variety of beer tastes, colors, aromas by presenting good beer from all over the world - from Czech pilsners to black British stouts and porters.

Beer drinking culture is slowly changing for the better in Poland. Due to the rising number of beer enthusiasts and craft beer masters, we have specialized beer shops, pubs, beer restaurants. People visit these places not because of the possibility to drink cheap and slow, but they want to enjoy the variety of beer aromas, tastes and their combinations with food. Beer revolution didn’t skip food lovers as well – beer and food combinations now are even more rich and popular than wine and food.

Still don’t know which beer to choose? “Chmielologia” will help you to take the first steps in beer knowledge.We are here to introduce You to quality beer culture and new beer drinking traditions. To enhance the understanding of good beer and, of course, to teach to enjoy it responsibly!