German Ale

Germany has two classic beer types attributable to ale, that are considered as ale is not because of their colour, strength or hop aroma, but only for the ale yeast that is used. This is a hybrid beer, which is neither typical ale nor typical lager. To put it simply – ale is fermented at colder temperatures than normal ales, and lager – in a warmer environment than it should be. It provides unique properties of beer, which fascinates the lovers of unconventional, more interesting beers.

Germany is famous for its wheat beers, with green apple acidity and unique notes of banana and clove. Wheat beer type originates from Bavaria. They named it white back in the Middle Ages, because the colour of fresh light wheat malt was very different from the barley malt. The colour ranges from light yellow to rich amber, flavour its intense, rich with malt, fruit and spicy clove aroma.