This type is known in Bavaria from the seventeenth century, when beer was made by monks who were keeping it in cool cellars, because, compared to ale, lager requires lower fermentation temperature (5-9 degrees Celsius). This is fermentation beer, where after the fermentation yeast is deposited at the bottom of the barrel, and thus a clear beer is made. Even the name of beer comes from aging in cellars (Ger. Lagernto protect, keep).

Many lagers are light, but depending on the malt they can range from pale yellow (straw) to black. Lager beer is usually made from barley. Flavour made by hops can range from bitter to sweetish. It is characterized by flavour “smoothness” and purity. Mostly it is clear and crisp beer, with light taste, and currently the most popular beer not only in Lithuania, but also around the world, accounting for about 85% of all beers sold worldwide.