Strong Dark

Plato 18,0°

IBU 26


8.0% 0,33 L

Plato 18,0°

IBU 26

Aroma with caramel malt, coffee, and chocolate notes. Sweetish caramel and fruit flavour with bitter hop aftertaste.


Matching food:

  • StewStew
  • GameGame
  • DessertsDesserts
  • Semi-hard, soft cheeseSemi-hard, soft cheese

Suitable glasses:

  • [:pl]Tulip[:en]TulipTulip



Brewery Waterloo is much older than the well-known historical event under the same name. In the Middle Ages, more precisely in 1456, Brasserie du Marche brewery was opened. At the time, they made traditional dark and strong beer which was appreciated as being of high-quality, pungent, and giving energy. Before the battle of Waterloo the Duke of Wellington has established its military camp near Brasserie du Marche brewery, and local beers reminiscent of their home country Stauton were sold to boost the courage of soldiers. On 15 June 1815 the legend of Waterloo beer was born, and although Napoleon lost the battle, but in 1965 commemorating the 150th anniversary of this historical event, the brewery brewed beer named after Napoleon, rather than Wellington. In 1971 the brewery was closed, but in the beginning of the twenty-first century enthusiastic investors revived it and now the brewery has resumed production of the traditional old brewery’s beer.